It is finally ready for release into the wilds.


This is the collection of soups I made during the month of November 2018, most likely at 3am in the morning during one of my mad kitchen experiments. It will cost you the princely sum of £4, and 50% of each sale will go to a children’s breakfast charity that helps provide breakfast to children who might not ordinarily get any. 

If you choose to buy this E-book collection, you will be helping schools give hungry children some breakfast, and you will also be supporting me, your sweary kitchen experiment weirdo, and I’m definitely not rich! The amount of children going to school with empty stomachs is staggering, our economic crisis means families are suffering poverty, and can barely afford to feed themselves. Please consider buying a copy, and it would also be lovely if you could share this too. BE AWARE THAT THIS BOOK DOES INDEED CONTAIN ADULT LANGUAGE AND PROFANITY, along with my very ridiculous sense of humour. You have been warned! 😉

I have made sure that the collection is accessible. It is available in standard .doc and .pdf formats, along with a format in large text for people who live with partial sight, or full blindness. I have also created a format suited to people with dyslexia, and a format with no images for people who need to use screen readers. You will receive ALL the formats with your purchase, so you can decide which format is best suited to you.

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Please make sure you include your email address when you purchase, so I can forward the collection to you. You will receive your copy via email within twenty-four hours of purchase.