Zoflora Kitchen Wipes

Shit you’ll need:

  • One roll of Regina Blitz.
  • A lidded plastic tub.
  • Tap water.
  • Yer chosen Zoflora scent.
  • Scissors.

I thought I’d share this alternative to making wipes – this is not to say it’s better, it’s simply another method. If you’re wondering what the alternative IS, well basically folks have been adding Zoflora to cheap baby wipes which I’ve not tried personally, because this write up is how I’ve been doing it.

Regina Blitz is massssiiiive sheet wise. I love the stuff and use it to make these wipes and also face wipes. Make a pile of RB, cutting each piece in half and stacking it in your plastic tub. Add ONE CAPFUL of Zoflora to roughly half a pint of water. Add it slowly so the wipes are at optimum saturation – you might use a bit less or a bit more depending on how big your pile is. RB is perfect for this because it’s very very strong, and the pieces are much larger than typical kitchen paper.

If you use a full roll of RB, you will get an absolute shitload of wipes because it will go really far. Keep the lid on your tub to make sure they don’t dry out obviously.

That’s yer lot. You can use this method to create any type of wipe – face or baby wipes using appropriate ingredients, multi surface cleaner wipes etc. A splash of neat Flash in the water instead of Zoflora works. DO NOT MIX THEM. You don’t want to accidentally melt your lungs out creating chemical fumes. Yes folks will say that they have been doing it for a while with no issue – but the fact is that chemical toxicity can build over time, and before you know it, you’re wheezing like a forty-year-chain-smoker after attempting to run to the offy before closing time for a packet of cigs.

EASHO – My new favourite household supply website 🛒

I shall preface this with the fact that I haven’t been asked to write this, and probably won’t get promotion for it because as we all know, I’m a foul mouthed gobshite, and as such, it’s unlikely such lovely brands will want be associated with me, but I will still love them regardless.

I definitely tend to buy things in bulk from online vendors when I can, because it means I don’t have to brave the wilds of meat-space shopping, plus it means I save money in the process. Easho are a company that sell things in bulk to the public at wholesale prices, without the need for a special card, or to provide proof of business dealings etc. You can log on, create an account and shop to your heart’s content – it’s fucking fantastic.


….if you as a vendor stock Zoflora at prices that aren’t extortionate to take advantage of folks like me and our lack of impulse control whilst buying it, then you will have a loyal following forever. Easho do in fact stock it at a really fucking good price, so I was totally sold. I contacted them via twitter recently to ask if they could get their hands on Method, and not soon after they did exactly that. Not ONLY that, but they stocked it at the equivalent of £1.87 for a bottle of 828ml Anti-bac all purpose cleaner, in batches of four. That currently costs £3 per bottle via Ocado, and a whopping £6.54 for the same via Amazon.

As you can imagine, the moment folks found out it was being sold at such a low price, it sold out pretty fucking quickly. I got myself a batch of anti bac, and a batch of all purpose cleaner. Not gonna lie, I was absurdly excited over buying bloody household cleaning items —what the galloping shitfuck is wrong with me?

(Don’t try and answer that, the list is loooooooong).

My order was dispatched within two days. You get free delivery for orders over £55, but your first order is free at checkout if you apply the discount code of ‘FREEDEL.’ Nice sweetener there.

A big thing for me when I order online, is how well something is packaged, and what it’s packaged with. It arrived in a box marked ‘fragile’, and ‘this way up’, although that’s not evident from this photo.

It’s a box mate.

Opening the box I was greeted with this:


I am big fan of recycled packaging.

Andrea knows how to pack the shit out of things.

SCORE! Got some freebies too, one of which I bastardised by throwing in my coffee shortly after.

Trigger spray bottles are notorious for firing off in transit. To prevent this, each bottle was topped with bubble wrap, and rice based packing peanuts were pushed under the triggers for further protection, not pictured here because I was too excited and unwrapped them really quickly. Sorry.

The Zoflora in the featured photo is from an assorted box; linen fresh, twilight garden, tropical twist, and paradise peach were the scents I received. They came boxed, it’s just I’m a filthy heathen and mercilessly stripped them off.

Zoflora in this household is NAKED.

I’ve had a few bad experiences recently with online shops – both online pound shops that do offer good bargains, BUT fail hard when it comes to packing and customer service. Dented boxes turning up way beyond promised delivery windows which shows a poor taste in couriers, and time management, along with such bad packing that items were crushed, burst, and destroyed. Getting responses from customer service for refunds and general enquiries took far too long.

For people who aren’t able to just nip out to a pound shop, these things would be helpful, IF they were properly managed.

Every enquiry I’ve ever made with Easho has been answered in quick time, and has been polite and extremely helpful. They are bloody marvellous, and now my entire flat smells of rhubarb and pink grapefruit, to the point where I’m seriously considering buying some custard to lick off the walls.


Kitchen Experiments: Carpet Freshener 💯

If you are old enough to remember The shake and vac song from days gone by (haha now you have it stuck in your head), you’ll also remember how noxious some of them were scent wise, and also what it was like to get stuck in a sneezing fit because you were a massive tit and accidentally inhaled some when you were throwing it all over the shop.

I haven’t bought any for YEARS.

I bulk buy bicarbonate of soda from Amazon (yes I know but principles cost money and I’m sadly not rich), because I use it all over my flat for a multitude of purposes. One of them is carpet freshener. Here’s my current gubbins for it:

A screen-cap from the very enthusiastic lady in the old advert.

Stuff and things:

  • Some manner of large receptacle for shoving the powder in – I use a 900ml glass jar that used to have black olives in it before I scoffed them all like a pig. 🐷
  • Bicarbonate of soda or baking powder.
  • Wooden spatula for mixing.
  • Essential oils or non flammable fragrance.

I have a lot of carpet to cover, so I will probably use a fair amount of essential oil. If you only need a small amount of carpet freshener, just use a capful of the stuff. The idea is that you slowly add and combine the bicarb with your chosen scent until it’s powdery enough to sprinkle. You don’t want hulking big lumps of it, unless you want to spend time on your hands and knees mashing it into yer carpet. If you WANT to do that, go right ahead but you’ll probably look a bit daft.

Once you’ve made it, all you need to do is cover your carpet space with it, leave for half an hour, and do your usual vacuuming routine. You can also use this for fabric sofas, cushions, pillows, and mattresses.

You can use essential oils or whatever fragrance you like, as long as it’s not a flammable fragrance. If you use this on fire retardant upholstery or carpets, with a flammable fragrance, you’re at risk of damaging that layer of protection, and also potentially setting fire to yourself if something gets too hot and burst into flames. 😱🔥

That’s yer lot. You can make this up each time you want to use it, or you can make it up in bulk for storage. It works nicely either way, just make sure it’s stored in an airtight, cool, and dry environment.



Kitchen Experiments: Shaving Solution 🛁

I’ll be the millionth to say it; shaving foam/gel is shite.

I’ve used oil and hair conditioner to shave with before, but doing this will clean your skin and give you a shaving medium at the same time with only two ingredients. If you wanted to be REALLY green, you could just shave using olive oil, or warmed coconut oil, but if you like a bit of foam with your shave, this will work.

Here is a picture of an olllllld safety razor because reasons.


  • Empty plastic bottle.
  • Your chosen brand of shower gel.
  • Baby oil.

Fill the bottle with half shower gel, and half baby oil. Shake it. It will combine and product a thin liquid that feels silky on the skin, and lathers up.

This WILL separate in the bottle after each use, so all you need to do is shake prior to each use. You can use this anywhere on your body. Whenever I make it, I use a cheap basic shower gel, and whatever brand of baby oil I can get my hands on. It doesn’t need to be fancy pants, unless you want it to be. Add essential oils if you want, just don’t add more than ten drops.

That’s it. It’ll last you a good while too.

Kitchen Experiments: Body Scrubs 🛀

I am forever seeing overly priced body scrubs that don’t really feel like you’ve scrubbed ANYTHING, much less your skin. I am not paying upwards of £10 for a minuscule pot of scrub that probably wouldn’t cover me big toe at a push.

The most basic of scrubs could just use an oil and any granulated sugar. That’s your base. I personally use olive oil, but I have also used coconut oil. Those empty glass jam jars you’ve been hoarding in the cupboard that might have doubled as wine receptacles so you don’t smash yer fancy crystal, are perfect for this, with a lid on, obviously.

It’s a stock image mate, I wasn’t throwing sugar all over me counters for a blog post.

The messy bit:

  • A glass jar with a lid.
  • Granulated sugar.
  • A wooden spatula for mixing.
  • Olive oil.
  • Essential oils of your choice – no more then twenty drops.

Fill yer jar about three quarters with sugar. You can use white granulated sugar, it’s totally fine but if you want to be bloody fancy-pants, go ahead and use granulated golden sugar.

Start drizzling olive oil into the sugar, mixing it with your spatula until you get a thick oily paste consistency. Once you’ve managed that, add your chosen oils and mash that about a bit until you’re convinced they’re well combined. That’s what I do anyway.

Stick the lid on, because you don’t want stuff falling into it. Use as you would any other scrub, and pat your skin dry after rather than rubbing the fuck out of it, so the oils stay nicely on your skin. The best thing about this is that you don’t need to apply lotion after, your skin will be soft and smooth.

You can add extra things to the mix such as honey, or coffee grounds; if it’s in a scrub in a shop, you can shove it in. Just don’t eat it if it smells too nice.

Kitchen Experiments: Face Wipes 🌱

I have a few of these home made personal products up my sleeve, so I’m putting them here because they’re not going to find their way to anyone sitting in the journal I have hidden in my kitchen.

You can pretty much buy dirt cheap face wipes these days since supermarkets realised that we can make them for much less than they can sling them, but they can be a bit crap and dry up easily, and be shit to folks with really sensitive skin (like me for example).

When it comes to making wipes of any kind, I use Regina Blitz, mainly because the pieces are MASSIVE, and so you can cut them in half and they won’t be tiny. Whenever I see a vendor describing a packet of wipes as large, I often think “in what fucking universe is that even CLOSE to large!?”


Shit you will need:

  • Strong kitchen roll – it doesn’t have to be the stuff I use, just make sure it’s a decent strong roll that doesn’t fall to bits when wet.
  • A rectangular tub with a lid.
  • Half a pint of water, warm but not boiled.
  • One tablespoon of baby lotion, or baby oil.
  • One tablespoon of baby wash, or baby shampoo.
  • I use about half a roll of Regina Blitz whenever I am making wipes. Make a pile of them, and cut each piece in half. Dump the pieces into your plastic tub, it doesn’t matter if the pile looks too big, when you pour the solution on them it will shrink down.
  • Before you add it to the water, combine the baby lotion/oil with the baby wash/shampoo. You can use other lotions and oils, it’s just if you’re using these to remove eye makeup, anything other than baby products is going to make you wish you don’t want your eyes anymore.
  • Pour the water into that combination, stir well and pour over the pile of kitchen roll in your tub. Depending on the absorbency of your chosen paper, you may need to adjust the amount of water you use, but if they’re waterlogged you know you went too far, you utter muppet. The warmth of the water will help the ingredients melt nicely.


  • Only make enough for a week as they don’t contain preservatives obviously.
  • DO NOT FLUSH THEM DOWN THE LOO YOU ABSOLUTE TURNIP SHEPHERD. Do you not remember the great London fatberg that lurked in the sewers and threatened humanity as we know it?
  • You can substitute baby oil or lotion for things like olive oil or aloe vera gel if you prefer it. Don’t use coconut oil however, as it will set things badly and nobody wants that. Be aware that if you add anything that might irritate your eyes, not to use the wipes to remove eye-makeup.
  • You can store them inside a resealable plastic bag if you want to take them with you anywhere.
  • You can experiment with essential oil combinations – mint and tea tree oils make refreshing face wipes for oily skin, but you HAVE TO BE CAREFUL. I would only ever use five drops of each of those oils maximum because you really don’t want skin burns. Once you add oils, the wipes have to be kept away from your eyes.
  • If you stick to baby products, that means you’ve essentially got baby wipes for your little ones too.
  • Avid recycling folks could replace the kitchen roll with muslin squares. This would make the wipes reusable as all you would have to do is wash them after. In fact any soft cotton material would work just as well if you want to produce less waste.

Here’s to clean faces and not feeling like a filthy bugger. 😎