Croutons! 🍞

You cannot have soup without croutons. Well, you CAN, but honestly they’re the dogs bollocks so you should have bloody croutons.

These are not my croutons. They are a stock image until I replace it with one of my own. I need to make them first!

Yes you can buy them easily enough, but if you have some ageing bread left that isn’t good for eating untoasted, then make some croutons. I like sesame croutons, but you can make garlic and herb ones or just plain olive oil ones.

Shit you’ll need:

  • Some bread. Whatever you have left.
  • Some oil – sesame oil, olive oil, vegetable oil all work.
  • Sesame seeds or garlic powder & Italian herbs ferexample.
  • Yer oven.

Slice your bread down to your desired size. I like large croutons so mine tend to be more rectangular.

Combine your chosen oil with your flavour – so sesame oil mixed with sesame seeds and garlic powder for example. Or, olive oil combined with garlic and Italian herbs. You can use sea salt and black pepper, even add some balsamic vinegar into the mix. Just cover your bread chunks with it, and put on a baking sheet in the oven for about twenty minutes until they’re golden brown.

Serve with your favourite soup, or just scoff them as they are as a snack. They are also fabulous for chucking in a salad.