Rice Pudding 🍚

There is nothing more comforting than home made rice pudding during the winter months. It won’t surprise you to learn that I make it with my slow cooker, because of course I bloody do.

A photo of the pudding will be added further down when the batch is ready!

Shit you’ll need:

  • 500g pudding rice.
  • A can of evaporated milk approx 410g. Non dairy alternative: Oatly Oat cream 2 x 250ML.
  • A can of condensed milk approx 400g. (I use these in place of sugar, so substitute for 1 cup of sugar, or 1 cup of xylitol if you need it to be sugar free).
  • 50g butter. Can be substituted with coconut oil, or omitted if you wish.
  • 500ML milk, or 500ML of Oatly Whole Drink. It’s seriously creamy.
  • 2tsp nutmeg if you want it to be cooked with the pudding, OR you can sprinkle it on top of your servings after.

Put all your ingredients in your slow cooker, stir them up like SOME KIND OF MAD WITCH, and leave on auto setting for a couple of hours. Check it roughly every thirty minutes and give it a stir to make sure everything mingles properly.

Rice pudding cooking time is not an exact science, so when you are satisfied it has reached your desired consistency, eat it. If you feel you want to add more milk during the cooking process. Hot or cold it is fucking marvellous.