Lentil & Butter Bean Soup 🥣

I have an alarming amount of butter beans in my flat. I don’t mean just lounging around, or free range, they’re just hanging out in my cupboards. I have one can of them left, but most of my reserves are in dry format, they’re just sitting there in plastic film.

Anyway I digress.

You may wish to tweak the amount of chilli and pepper you use in this as it’s got a bit of a kick to it.

Before I added the stock, obviously…

Shit you’ll need:

  • A can of butter beans (400g approx). If you’re using dried ones, they will need to pre soak.
  • 1 cup of lentils. I am using green ones because I don’t have any red ones.
  • A can of coconut milk, 400g.
  • 1tsp flaked chilli.
  • 1tsp salt.
  • 1dstspn cracked black pepper.
  • 1tsp turmeric.
  • A chopped onion.
  • 500ML vegetable stock.
  • 2tblspns olive oil.
  • 1tsp garlic powder.

This is an easy one again. I mean, most of my soups are easy to be fair, but when all you have to do is dump all the stuff in a slow cooker and let it do its thing, that means it’s really fucking easy mate.

So please do exactly that. Now, because you need to let your lentils cook through properly, it’s going to need a couple of hours on auto. Keep your eye on it every half an hour just to make sure nothing sticks, and to stir it a bit. Never neglect your soup, it will be unhappy and we can’t have that.

It can also be served over rice too. That’s what I did the first time I made this.