No Peel Leek & Potato Soup 🥔 🥣

This is no peel because you can absolutely cheat and use instant mash if you want to. Instant mash is just dehydrated flaked potato, and is very helpful if you can’t peel things and want mash. In this case it’s perfect for making soup.


Shit you’ll need:

  • Two fresh leeks, chopped.
  • One packet of instant mash – Smash comes in 176g packets.
  • 1tsp salt.
  • 1dstspn cracked black pepper.
  • 500ML vegetable stock.
  • 50g butter.
  • 400ML can of coconut milk.

Add the instant mash, salt, pepper, and vegetable stock to a slow cooker. Stir until it thickens, and add the butter and leeks. Let it simmer its arse off in the slow cooker for an hour on auto. You’re looking to get it to the point where the leeks soften and separate their layers. Once you’ve reached that point, add the coconut milk, and let it cook for another hour on low.

If you want to be extra piggy, add a massive dollop of creme fraîche to your bowls when you serve it up. This should absolutely be served with crusty bread rolls that crumble into the soup, or you know, get lost down yer boobs like it does with me.

Photos forthcoming, this week has been awful and I’m trying to catch up on soup recipes for you.