Bread & Tomato Soup 🍅 🥣

This one is for when you have some bread that’s a little stale, but not growing penicillin. We draw the line at green furry science experiments here. This is a very rustic, simple recipe.

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Shit you’ll need:

    Passata or tinned chopped tomatoes – I prefer passata because fuck no to lumpy tomatoes! Mine was a 680g bottle of Ocado passata.
    2tblspns of olive oil.
    1tsp garlic powder or equivalent.
    A chopped onion.
    1tsp salt.
    1dstspn cracked black pepper.
    1dstspn of dried basil or equivalent in fresh/puréed.
    500g bread – or thereabouts. It can be sliced or otherwise.
    200ML hot water.
    1 vegetable stock cube.
    OPTIONAL: Mozzarella.

Pull the bread into bits, it doesn’t need to be neat and tidy as it will be mashed to buggery in yer gob later mate. Put the bread to one side, and add allllllll the other ingredients to your slow cooker. Heat this mixture up on high for about thirty minutes.

After it’s warmed up, add your bread chunks and allow the soup to cook through for an hour on auto. After that hour, mix the soup up so the bread breaks apart and gives the soup a thicker texture. Let it bubble on low for half an hour and then you can do one of two things; serve as it is with olive bread, or take the basin out of the slow cooker, and put it in your oven with some mozzarella on top and allow it to melt. You could use a fork to dip your olive bread into it, and let it get all caught up in that cheese.

Be careful through, this soup gets hot like lava, and you might burn yer gob.